Chairman's Message

In our fast evolving world, we often find ourselves losing pace, falling behind. More often than not, it’s our fear of failure rather than the love of success that drives us. It makes us content with staying at par. To be equal, to be average. But that is not what I desire; my ‘deep driving desire’ is to see our students wear the logo of Bhalchandra Educational Group with pride. To make sure that every student has placement offers the day he/she graduates. To create an environment so healthy and safe, that our campus becomes a home away from home for each of our faculty, staff and student.
But to succeed in this endeavour, we will require as much help from you as will from us. We shall provide you tools, but it’s only you who can provide the will to use them constructively. There is no force in this Earth more powerful than the human will. Summon yours and all that you dream, shall come true.

Dr. Subodh Chawla


Hon’ble Founder Chairman,
Bhalchandra Group Of Institution